Nano Mister For Eyelash Extensions
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Nano Mister For Eyelash Extensions

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Nano Mister For Eyelash Extensions : Sunmay® Nano Mist Face Spray Mister for Eyelash Extensions Moisture Mini Handy Body Facial Sprayer Beauty Instrument : Beauty.
After using the Lash Cure Mister, lash extensions can get wet right away—that means no more waiting 24 hours to swim, workout, or shower! Force-curing .
Slim and sleek, the Nano Mister quickly and effectively cures (hardens) the eyelash extension adhesive while re-hydrating your client's lashes and the eye area .
New model Nano Mister helps cure adhesive faster! Use once you are done applying lashes. Mist lasts for at least 10 seconds. Has a 9 ml water reservoir.
Use this eyelash extension nano mister to help cure eyelash extension adhesive.
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Learn how to use a nano mister after you're done with your eyelash extensions application. — ✓ Get high.
Effectively harden fresh eyelash adhesive with the high-quality Nano Mister. The Nano Mister for eyelash extensions also aids in reducing eye irritation.
Buy LashArt by LashArt Nano Mister Glue Curing Aid Eyelash Extension CE MARK from our Accessories range – @ Lashart.
Eyelash extensions need to be cured at the end of the treatment to speed up the. Nano misting introduces water to the adhesive by atomizing a gentle mist.
Having a handy Nano Mister available during your Eyelash Extensions services is key to ending any service. Applied at the end of the service before drying, The  .
Hydrogen is a key agent in the curing process of all of our eyelash extension glues. This Mini Mister (Nano Mister ) sprays a fine mist extracting Hydrogen form  .
Cure adhesive instantly! Use from at least 12 inches away. Includes bottle to fill mister and USB cord for charging.

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